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The USA offer unlimited possibilities to travel and discover. However, if you are from Europe or other continents, you should plan enough time to visit and to get to know the country with all its beauty. The US are much more than only New York, L.A. and Washington D.C.
With all the stunning national parks and geography there is a lot to discover. Unfortunately, when coming as a tourist you can stay only a limited time in the U.S. But this won’t detain you from enjoying the country. The best thing is to rent a car and start a trip through the United States.


Compared to Europe, hostels are not very popular in the US. Motels and some hotels offer quite good prices for your vacation. You can stay at a motel for $35 per night, a hostel costs $25 and up. Hotels are a little bit more expensive, as they are mostly located in the center ($70). Depending on the city, prices could differ.


Prices for food are very good in the USA. You can have a great meal for already $5-6 when eating at a fastfood restaurant. If you prefer going to a normal restaurant, you will pay around $15-20 for a meal, drinks inlcuded. Depending on the state, city and area prices could differ of course. Especially the most populare cities or coast areas have higher prices. If you want to cook for yourself, you will spend maximum $100 per week.


Domestic flights are very popular in the USA and a very fast way to get around the country. If you don’t have a lot of time to travel by car, you should consider this option of traveling and buy a low cost ticket (Southwest or JetBlue). The disadvantage of flying is, that you don’t get to see the beauty of the country. A roadtrip is almost a must for travelers who want to discover the US and feel free.
The transport network is well developed in the area around the coasts. Greyhound, BoltBus or MegaBus will take you around for already $1. Trains are also a way of traveling, but tickets are more expensive than bus tickets.

If you want to save money


Sometimes it could be less expensive, to buy food and cook for yourself.. Big grocery chains offer a huge choice and great prices. You can buy food and beverages for the whole week for already $70.


Instead of giving money for hotels or motels, you can try couchsurfing and stay at local people’s flat. Americans invented couchsurfing, so be sure that you will find a lot of people where you can spend some nights. Moreover, hosts are very good tourguides, if they offer you offer.


When you travel the national parks in the US, you will find plenty of opportunities for camping. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one for $15 per night. Some campsites offer also parkings which will cost you a little bit more. Check out the sharing economy website, as well as the site of Camp My Garden, where you can camp at local people’s garden for a small amount of money.

Stay at hotels on the road

When going on a roadtrip in the US, stay at hotels or motels which are located on your road, such as Motel 6 or Super 8. There you can get a room for already $40. Carfeul, prices in the US are always without VAT, so the price will a littel bit higher. The best is to travel with somebody else you can share the room with.

Share your car

When you rent a car you should share it with other people. This will help you a lot to share your expenses. Craigslist or Gumtree is full of people looking for car sharing. You will not only save money, you will also meet new people and make new friends on your trip.

Get tourist cards

Buy a tourist card that will allow you to visit many attractions. Usually a card costs around $35-40 and it gives you access to museums, sights, as well as discounts on restaurants or free transport.

Buy a park abo

The USA has a huge amount of national parks and the Americans are very proud of them. Buying a park card will allow you to enter all of them for an amount og $80. It’s totally worth it, as you will balance it with four entries.

To do List USA


Denver is located in the colourful state of Colorado and it’s a wonderful mixture of stunning nature and big city lige. Thanks to the Rocky Mountains which extend through the whole state, you will find a very nice climate that could be also alternating sometimes. Be ready for fast changing weather.
The nightlife ist very lively and offers many bars and rock cafés with a huge choice of beers.

Visit Mount Rushmore

The historical monument is located in South Dakota. The monument is surprisingly smaller than it seems in the books. However it is very impressive seeing the monument in the mountains.

Visit Grand Canyon

The Grant Canyon is a must for all people traveling to the USA. It’s hard to describe the view with words, because there is nothing like beeing there. The area is perfect for hiking and enjoy the nature.

San Diego

The city in the sunny state of California is one of my favourites in the USA. Locals love their city anf they show it: they spend a lot of time outside. Why not? they have everything they need to be happy: beaches, hiking paths and much more. The trendy city at the pacific has many fish restaurants where you can delicious fresh fish.

Drink californian Vine

When you travel to California, don’t miss the local vine. Napa Valley and Sono,a Valley offer the best vines of the country and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Visit New York

One of the most popular cities in the world is located on the east coast of the country. One visit is not enough to discover the most beautiful parts of the city. A trip to New York is always worth it, so go and visit the Big Apple. Here you can find everything you can imagine and can’t imagine: parks, restaurants, museums, or to keep it short: everything. The city that never sleeps is just waiting for you to be discovered.

Make a wish come true

You always wanted to go to Disney World as a kid? Well, here’s the time to do it. When you are in Florida you should go and visit the numerous rides, restaurants and attractions that are unforgettable not only for kids.

Viva Las Vegas

A visit to Vegas is also on your to do list. Pictures are not enought get an impression of the gambling paradise. I recommend you to visit Vegas at night, where are the lights are shining. And don’t forget: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Elvis Fans know where to stop on their way through the US: Graceland, the former home of the King of Rock’n’Roll. Even if Memphis is not beautiful at first sight, you should not underestimate the city. There are many things to do and to see here. Visit the museum of the human rights, enjoy the blues and eat at great restaurants.


The city is the Mekka of the music industry. Here you can find everything from Ciuntry to Rock and Pop. Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA and even if it doesn’t seem like a city for tourists, it can be very interesting and fascinating. You can feel the atmosphere of the stars and the positive spirit of the city that will make you feel very welcome.


Let’s go to Texas!The city has so much to offer, especially in outdoor activities. Mountainbiker and hiker will feel like home here. The city has a lot of you students thanks to the university, so you will find a lot of bars and lively nightlife.

New Orleans

This name is already music in my ears. Those who love Jazz and Blue will love New Orleans. The architecture is amazing, as well as the kitchen with its Creole influence. Who loves to party shouldn’t miss Mardi Gras, but don’t forget to book your hotel ear enough.

Tanzt auf dem Vulkan

Besucht den Yellowstone Nationalpark, denn er gehört meiner Meinung nach zu einem der spannendsten Orte der Welt. Unter der Erdoberfläche des Parks befindet sich ein aktiver Vulkan. Die Energie spürt man auf jedem Meter. Die Geysire und zahlreichen Seen, sowie Wälder und Gebirge sind einen Besuch wert. Ihr könnt im Park in einem Hotel übernachten und den riesigen Park an zwei Tagen besuchen.

Redwood National Park

The park extends along the pacific coast and is a paradise for those who love nature.Hiking paths for all the levels, as well as picknick- and campsites invite you to spend a great time there.

The pacific coast

Travel along the pacific coast, because it’s probably one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Cliffs, beaches, forests, the nature is more versatile than you can imagine. Plan more time on your way, because you will have to stop many times to take pictures.

Visit the parks

The USA has many parks with fascinating beauty. Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and many more. Visit as many parks as possible, you won’t regret it.


There is not vertain place that I would recommend in Montana, because the whole country is very beautiful. Wherever I went, I was fascinated by the wonderful nature and beauty. You  have mountains and endless hiking paths. People in Montana are very friendly and love the nature of their state. Whenever they can, they will help you out.

Visit Chicago

The city in the state of Illinois is a smaller version of New York, but better. Visit the worldwide known architecture of sweet home Chicago. You will enjoy the lively nightlife, the wonderful parks, the tasty food and have an unforgettable stay. The lake Michigan close to Chicago is a famous destination for excursions and picknicks.


The city in Mississippi is located close to river of the same name. The city is not really on the road and not very known, but it’s a great inside tip. Here you can see houses from the 19th century, which have been built by the owners of the plantages. During the timeof the cotton boom, houses became even more beautiful. Today they are considered as historical monuments.

Washington D.C.

Visit the politcals heart of the country. Here you can find all the museums and sights from the history and the politics of the United States. The city is very international and a great mixture of different cultrues.

Visit Boston

Go on a historival trip, where the revolution began. Due to the architecture, Boston is inofficially called the most european city of the USA. The atmosphere is very pleasant and I really like Boston, because you can learn so much about the history and get inspired by the view.


The city lies in the west of South Dakota and was an important city in the wild west. Deadwood has been rebuilt and seems a little bit too much at the beginning. However, a visit to Deadwood is totally worth it.

Aloha Hawaii

The island in the Pacific should be on your to do list. White beaches, crystal clear water, tropical forests and much more are waiting for you. Hawaii is a paradise for surfer, thanks to the great waves. You can get good flights from Califronia, even if the island is closer to Asia than to the US.