It seems like the time is always running out and 24 hours a day are way not enough. What, it’s again my birthday? But it feels like yesterday we celebrated!
I know a lot of people who complain about the lack of time and therefore they can’t travel. They just don’t have the time. Well, the financial part may be a problem sometimes, but mostly the time is the biggest issue.

I admit that having a 9 to 5 job and travel a lot is almost impossible to manage. Only if your job is connected with traveling (travel agent or businessman) you can find the time to discover new places. Otherwise you are stuck in your office day by day. This is one of the reasons I don’t have a 9 to 5 office job. Traveling is the path I have chosen and I don’t regret it. Internet is full of possibilities, also for making money. I can work wherever I want, all I need is a good internet connection and a nice place where I can be creative.

I admit that I have more time to travel than employees, but believe me, you can take your time to travel and do it, if you really want. It’s just a matter of priority and desire. You have the time to travel and you can take your time if you want.
If you sum up the time you have in one year for vacations and public holidays, you will see that there could be a lot of time for traveling. According to my calculation it’s around one third of the year. Sounds impossible? Try it yourself and calculate. Anothe way is to take a sabbatical, which is kind of a time our from your work. Some companies allow you to do that, but you should talk to your boss about that.
So, it’s time to pack you stuff and to discover the world!

I guess a reason why you couldn’t find the time is because it hasn’t been a priority until now. The same priority as reading a new book, doing more sports or starting a diet.

Another reason, why people don’t travel is because they always connect traveling with something huge like a cruise for two weels or traveling to the other side of the world. No, forget about this attitude! I admit that I preferred traveling as far as possible, but this is not neccessary to have a great trip and vacation. You don’t have to travel the world to see something new.

Here some tricks how to have a great vacation without traveling far

Be a guest in your hometown

How many times have you been a guest in your hometown? How many times have you just walked and perceived the city just like the tourists do? I guess never. So go and visit the museums in your city, do sightseeing and look at the things that tourists look at. Take the next weekend and look at your city from the eyes of a tourist. You will not only learn a lot about your home, you will also appreciate it more than before. If you really want to make it work (and you live in a bigger city), book a hostel or hotel and stay there. Like this you can avoid to skip your plans.

Weekend trips

Travel for the weekend. Two days are not a lot of time, but it’s still enough time to get to know a new city, a village or a national park in your area. You can take a car and travel 2-3 hours or buy a lowcost ticket. From Friday to Sunday night you will have enough to have a good time. Book more of this short vacations and you will see, that you wil start to feel more relaxed and full of energy. Two days are still better than nothing.  And by the way: Scientists proved, that more small vacations are better for your health than one big vacation.

Short vacations

You only have one week? Be smart. Don’t fly to the other side of the globe. You will spend half of your time for traveling and half of your time for adapting yourself to the new climate. Travel not more than three hours. There is an advantage in Europe, that the continent is very small and you can fly from the one end to the other in only four hours.

Less is more

I’m sure you have seen this pictures: travel coaches full of asian people on sighteseeing tours. I have seen it in Germany, where the bus stopped in front of the castle Neuschwanstein, got out of the bus, took pictures, bought a souvenir at the shop, went to the toilet and got back on the bus. Next stop: Berlin. But hey, they have pictures to prove that they have been everywhere. Europe in ten days, imagine. I would never do that. But to be honest, we are the same sometimes, because we always want to see as much as possible in a short time. Don’t do that, because you will see everything and nothing. Chose one or two places and enjoy them, spend time there, learn about it and get to know the place. And another thing: If you have seen everything at once, what do you want to see after that?

My point is that, even if you don’t have that much time as you wish you would have, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have time at all. There are many ways to explore the world and mostly it’s just a matter of priority. You just haven’t found the way yet to get over this habit of a two weeks traveling to a place far far away. So next time, when you feel like travling and you only have a few days, check out what is in your area or in your surroundings. A good organisation a time management will help you to understand, that actually you have plenty of time to travel.

Traveling is about getting to know new places. This places could be everywhere, also around your corner. So what are you waiting for?