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Thassos is the smallest island in the Aegaen Sea and has a range of 100 kilometer. The northern island is still an insider tip, as it is less popular than islands like Ios, Crete or Kos. You can reach Thassos from the greek cities Kavala or Keramothi in less than one hour.
The green island has a beautiful landscape with hills and mountains in the heartland and several springs.
The beaches in Thassos are marvelous and a real paradise for diving fans.



Prices in Thassos are not expensive for accomodation. You can find rooms from 30 EUR. During the peak season prices can increase, during the low season you will find rooms from 25 EUR per night.


The greek cuisine is very healthy, tasty and rich of fresh fish and vegetables. When you are in Greece I highly recommend you to try the tasty olives, the olive oil and the Feta cheese. The prices in Thassos are not very high and you can get good meals with salad and main course for already 20 EUR. I spent my holidays with friends in Thassos and we never paid more than 20 EUR per person for a great dinner where sometimes we ordered more than we could eat.
If you don’t want to eat at a restaurant you can take a Gyros for 2,50.


To get to the island you have to take the ferry. A ticket without car costs 3 EUR for adults, 1,50 EUR for kids under 5 year. A ticket for a car under 4,25 m costs 16 EUR, bigger cars 20 EUR. If you travel with a caravan you will pay 4 EUR per meter.
On the island you have plenty of opportunities to get around and you should definitely do that. You can get a motorbike or 12 EUR a day.
You can also get around by bus, a ticket costs 1,60 EUR, prices change depending on the distances.

If you want to save money


Sometimes it is less expensive to rent a flat and to buy food at the supermarket. Prices for groceries are not very high in Greece and you can buy food for already 60 EUR per week.


Gyros or other tasty puff paste snacks are very popular in Greece. You will not starve for sure, as you can find tasty snacks for already 3 EUR.

Avoid beaches with high rates

You will find many beaches on Thassos, where you have to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas. Don’t buy that, you will find many other beaches where you won’t have to pay for that. Some beaches though ask for a fee for using the services, but in exchange for that you can eat at the restaurant where the beach belongs to. If you intend to stay at this beach for the entire day I recommend you this places because you will eat anyway. If you are smart you will chose your food wisely and not pay more than the fee at the beach.

To do list for Thassos

Discover the beaches

Thassos has many beautiful beaches and I recommend you to discover as many as possible. The island is not that big, so you can visit more beaches in one day. The best beaches are: Aliki, Makriamos, Livadi, Marble Beach


The crystal clear water around Thassos makes snorkeling a wonderful experience. You only need diver goggles and a snorkle to discover the sealife. Many diving schools offer courses where you can learn how to dive in the deep sea.

Taste the Greek cuisine

When you are on Thassos you should definitely taste the grill octopus, gavros (little fried fish), moussaka, souflaki (meat) and tarama (kaviar-creme). The list of greek food is endless and I promise you will love it.

Eat at the tavern Irene

During my stay in Thassos I tried many traditional taverns but there was one that I really loved. The little tavern Irene in Potos is amazing, offers great food, perfect service and very good prices. I would visit the tavern again I recommend you to visit as well. The best thing about it: you can also eat at the beach.

Visit the Giola

Giola is a natural basin in the region Astris. The view is amazing and you can dive in it from the cliffs.

Marble beach

Thassos is famous for its big amount of marble. At ancient times Thassos used to be an important city for the recovery of marble and it still is nowadays. Visit the marble beach where you can find the white stones everywhere. The water is crystal clear and you will have a lot of fun there.

The Archangelou monastery

The orthodox churches in Greece are beautiful and worth to visit. In the southeastern part of the island you will find the Archangelou monastery, which is built on a hill. Careful: If you want to enter the monastery, you should cover your shoulders and knees.

Visit Theologos

In the heartland of Thassos you will find the beautiful village Theologos. Enjoy the architecture of the village and meet the heartly people there, who will serve you the best of the greek kitchen. The village is very old and you feel back in time.