Does that sound familiar to you? You want to have a family, but it’s not the right moment, you want to start writing your own book, but it’s still not right moment, you want a pay raise but it’s not the right moment, you want to travel the world and guess what: still not the right moment…

Life is full of wrong moments and I will tell you why: there will never be a right moment for anything. The hardest part is always to start doing something, do it today, forget about your excuses. You have lived your live for a lot of time, now is the moment to start a new chapter. It’s easier than it seems, I promise. The taste of freedom is sweeter than everything else.

Forget about excuses

  • Pack your bags, now is the right moment, yes, ecactly now.
  • You don’t think that today is the right day, but tomorrow or some other day would be better?
  • You will never have enough money to start traveling
  • There will always be a different excuse, why today is not the right day
  • There will always be an event you will have to attend
  • You will always find reasons why everything could go wrong
  • Do you think that tomorrow you will realise wether your decision was right or wrong?
  • Do you think that tomorrow nobody will doubt about your ideas?

Days that will take away your peace of mind

There are two days in your life that will take away your peace: yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday will question you about the things you did and didn’t do. Tomorrow will keep you away from doing the first step and tell you what could go wrong. So use today as your best day and start living. Don’t wait for excuses, pack your bags, because there will never be the right time.

Start traveling and live!