My parents told me once, that traveler seem like people running away from something: from reality, problems or whatever. I have heard that many times and also people I have met during my trips have heard that. So it seems that everybody who doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job is a runaway. People love traveling, but not for too long. Everybody who travels is having issues, is running away or maybe just a freak.

My opinion

I have been thinking about and here is my answer to that:

Yes, I’m not a usual person, because I face my fears

Yes, I do have problems, because I don’t want to live a boring regular life.

Yes, I’m running away from the opinion, that vacation and traveling are just here to fill the gaps that you have worked for 48 working weeks.

Yes I’m running away, but also towards freedome and life, I get to know new places and people, learn about history, culture and learn to live and love my life.

Yes I will run away if this boring standard means having a fulfilled life.

We only live once and only for a short time. One day when I will think back at my younger years, I don’t want to regret that I didn’t take the chance to see the world and to enjoy my life. Neither will I wish to have spent more hours in a dark office.

We live in a society where average is good and unusual is bad. Life is, what we make of it and I decided for myself to enjoy it as much as possible.

People who travel the world are not running away. The run towards new challenges instead, escape from the daily routinge, live according to their rules and according to their opinion. Traveling people experience happiness that other people hardly will be able to understand.

You only live once, so live and travel!