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The capital city of the Czech Republic is according to me one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is also called the golden city, which is absolutely appropriate. If you decide to travel to Prague, you should take some days to get to know the city. Comfortable shoes are absolutely necessary, as you will walk a lot to get to know the beauty of the city.



There are plenty of hostels in Prague, which allows lower prices. Dorms cost around 135 CZK (5 EUR), for 270 CZK you will get a single or double bed room. If you prefer to stay in a neat hotel you will find rooms for 1.350 CZK. The Couchsurfing Community in Prague is pretty big and you will easily find a couch during your stay in Prague. Airbnb also offers plenty of rooms, where you can find a fantastic apartment in the heart of the city.


The food in Prague is not expensive.You can find snacks for already 100-150 CZK. A lunch menu costs around 250 CZK in small restaurant, drinks included. In the old town you can find little snacks for already 10 CZK.

The beer in Prague is famous in the entire world and is exported worldwide. A beer costs only 25 CZK, which is less than 1 EUR.


Getting around in Prague is pretty easy, because you can travel by bus, tram and metro. A ticket costs 24 CZK and is valid for 60 min. For 32 CZK you can get a ticket for 90 min.

There are also taxis in Prague, but the prices can vary and if you don’t speak the language, some drivers could take advantage of it and ask very high rates.

If you want to save money


Avoid the international restaurants and those, who are marked as very tourist friendly. If you want to find good food for lower prices you should visit the restaurants where local people eat. The are mostly away from the tourist attractions and the crowded places.


Of course you will need Czech Crowns during your vacation in Prague. Just don’t change your money at the airport or other exchanges. The best thing you can do is to withdraw money at ATM which are close to banks.

Avoid the high season

Don’t visit Prague during the high season or during big holidays. Especially at Easter or Christmas you will find the city very crowded and very expensive.

Prague Free Tour

The Prague free tour will lead you to the most important places in the city and the most beautiful attractions. The tour is perfect to get a first impression of the city.

To do list for Prague

Visit the Prague Castle

The castle on the hill is the emblem of the city and is one of the most beautiful lookouts. The castle used to be the residence of the czech kings and is today the domicile of the president. The building is a World Heritage Site.

The astronomical clock

In the middle of the old town you can find the astronomical clock, a meeting point for toursists from all over the world. Every hour, when the bell tower sound, you can watch the figures from the tower clock coming out.

The Jewish quarter

Prague used to have and still does have nowadays one of the biggest Jewish communities. The history of the Jews in Prague goes back to the 13th century and is considered one of the best preserved ghettos in Europe.

Travel with the tram 22

The tramline 22 goes straight through the town, passing the beautiful neighborhood of Vinohrady, along the wonderful buildings of the city until the Prague Castle.

Walking through the city

You should discover Prague by walking. You will find fantastic bars and cafés in the beautiful neighborhoods. The most beautiful neighborhoods in Prague are Letnà and Vinohrady.

The Charles Bridge

Prague is a city with many bridges. From all of this bridges, the Charles Bridge is the most famous and one of the most beautiful. On both sides of the bridge you will find statues of holies. In the middle of the bridge you will find Nepomuk, the patron saint of the bridges. During the day this place is very crowded with tourists and musicians. If you want to enjoy your walk away from the crowd, you can do it best in the early morning hours or in the evening.

The John Lennon wall

The wall isn’t one of the most traditional sights of the city, but it is also a very popular place for tourists. You can find a lot of graffitis and the picture of John Lennon, where people leave their wishes.

Old town

Walk the small streets of Prague and discover the old town hall, the Teyn church, the monument of the reformer Jan Hus and many other beautiful sights.

Golden lane

A walk through Prague’s golden lane is a must do. The name derives from ancient times, where alchemists tried to produce gold. The little houses are very popular and you will find the house with the number 22, where one the most famous inhabitant used to live – Franz Kafka.

Visit the local ale houses

When you are in Prague you should experience it like the local people do. Away from the crowded tourist places you will find many restaurants and ale houses, where you can find great local beer and local food. The best places to see are: U Cerného Vola (to the black ox), U Zlatého Tygra (to the golden tiger) or Pivovarsky dum. This places are not made for tourists, so don’t wander if you are among local people and the service is not the most friendly.

Traditional cuisine

When you are in Prague you shouldn’t be on diet, because the local cuisine is pretty heavy. You will find food like: goulash, duck, goose, sausage and bread dumplings as a side dish.


The streets of Prague have a very sweet scent. The reason for that are the so called Trdelník, a sweet pastry which is baked on sticks. Careful: this stuff is addictive!