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Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria and is located more or less in the center of the country. The city is looking back at an unbelievable history. You will find ruins from the 6th millenium BC. Plovdiv offers many historical attractions and is a wonderful place for walking and realxing.

Good to know: Plovdiv has been selected as the cultural city of Europe of the year 2019.



You can find hostels in Plovdiv from 20 to 30 BGN. If you prefer hotels or guestrooms, you will pay between 70 and 110 BGN. Cheaper hotels are around 50 BGN but with less service.

Public transport

Tickets for public transport cost 1,60BGN since June 2016. You get around easily with the public transport in the city. If you take a taxi you will pay a little bit more of course, but the prices are still affordale.


The food is not expensive and you can get a slice of Pizza or Bulgarian streetfood for already 2 BGN. If you want to eat out at a restaurant, you can get an entire menu for 20BGN drinks included. If you pick restaurants away from the popular places you will pay even less. If you wantto enjoy the view from the hills of the old town, you will pay more for a meal. However, the standard in Bulgaria is low and even higher prices (20 – 40 BGN) are a pretty good deal according to me.

If you want to save money

Do you know the saying: When in Rome, do as the romans do? It means you should do it the way they do it. Eat your breakfast the bulgarian way. A real bulgarian breakfast consists of “Banitsa” (puff paste with cheese) and “Ayran” (Yogurt drink) or “Boza” (brown fermentated wheat drink). You can have this breakfast for already 2,50 BGN and you will find it almost around every corner. According to the season you can find Banitsa with almost everything: apple, pumpkin, leek, spinach and of course: white cheese. All of them taste delicious and you can’t get enough of them. The only disadvantage: Puff paste and cheese are calory bombs and not the best food if you are on diet. But who cares about diet while traveling? And you will burn it easily when your are walking around Sofia all day long.

Stay at convenient hotels. You can save money at the hostel Mostel (you can find them in Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo). Here you can have breakfast and dinner for good money. I recommend to eat outside though, because Bulgaria offers a lot of tasty food, which you can get at local restaurants without spending a fortune.

A to do list for Plovdiv

Go to Plovdiv free Tour

Plovdiv offers you free tourguides, which are perfect to get a first impression of the city. You will learn a lot about the history and other important information. The Plovdiv free Tour is in English and lasts two hours. From Mai to September it starts at 11.00 and 18.00 during weekdays and from Oktober to April at 14.00. Reservation is not neccessary.

Visit the Roman amphitheater

Located in the old town of Plovdiv you can see the fascinating amphitheater from the 2nd century with a stunning architecture. In the summer time many events are held there, something that you should definitely do.

Visit the archeological museum

Bulgaria is a fascinating country and I highly recommend you to visit some of the numerous museums. The archeological museums has more than 60.000 exhibits from the time of the Roman Empire and the Thracians, which where popular for their filigree manufacture of gold.

Join the night of the museums

Once a year, Plovdiv invites people to the long nights of the museums, where you can enter all the museums for free. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit a lot of historical museums without paying entry.

Visit the Sveta Marina church

The church has been built in 1561 and renwed in 1783. Discover and typical orthodox Ikons and the spirit of this wonderul church.

Visit the garden of Tsar Simeon

If you are looking for a moment of relax, you can have a nice walk in the garden of Tsar Simeon. Enjoy the great atmosphere and relax in the nature.

Visit the Bachkovo monastery

When you are in Plovdiv, I recommend you to go and visit the Bachkovo monastery (11th century), which is located 40 minutes out of Plovdiv. Shuttlebusses will take you there for 5 BGN.

Visit Asenovgrad

When you are on the way to the Bachkovo monastery, you should stpop at Asenovgrad. Here you can see numerous churches and monasteries and continue your cultural and historical trip.