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There is nothing in this country that won’t fascinate you: the history, the food, the wine, the landscapes. Italy is like a fairytale that you have to discover. Probably you will need a lifetime to get to know the entire country with all its details. Don’t rush, visit it more often and enjoy your stay. Take your time and relax just like the people in Italy, who are well-known for their “dolce vita”, the sweet life.



Italy is not one of the cheapest countries and prices can vary from region to region. Staying at a hostel will cost you between 20 and 60 EUR per night. If you want to book a single or a double bed room it could cost around 90 EUR, You can also find affordable bed and breakfast for 50 to 70 EUR. Hotels start from 60 Euros and there are no limits for the upper price range.
Airbnb has great offers for an unforgettable time in Italy.
The difference between north and south is visible: the more north you travel, the more expensive it gets. However, if you want to save money you can do it everywhere.


In Italy you can get very tasty for such as sandwiches (panini) or slices of pizza for 2-4 EUR. Of course you will also see the famous fastfood chains, but the local cuisine is way too tasty to not try it. Eating out will cost you around 25 EUR, drinks included. You will also find places where you can eat for less. In Italy you can differ the restaurants in pizzeria (mainly starters and an infinite selection of pizza), trattoria (simple, typical local meals) and osteria (mostly wine and little dishes).
For every visit at a restaurant you will pay aroud 3 EUR for the “coperta” which includes bread, cutlery and bread.
Buying food at the supermarket will cost you around 70 EUR per week, depending on the region.


Italy has very a very good transport network. Lowcost airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair and Wizz Air fly to all the main cities and important destinations in Italy. Trains are also a good way to get around the country. There are different ways to travel by train: the regional train (cheapest but also slowliest because it stops in all train stops of the region), interregional trains (connection between the main cities of the different regions), intercity (connection between the capital cities of the regions) and Eurocity (fast trains and connection between the european cities).

Within the cities you can take the metro. A single ticket will cost you around 2 EUR.


Of course you will visit different museums in Italy. You will pay between 8 and 20 per person. If you want to take a travel guide you will pay more.

Take the chance and do some wine tasting, you will not regret it. Great wine and cheese will cost you around 80 EUR.

If you want to save money

In restaurants

Don’t take the bread. Tell the waiter you don’t want it, because it’s not included in the price. Not eating bread has the advantage that you will have enough space to eat all the other tasty things.

Tasty panini

Visiting Italy is wonderful, but could also become an expensive experience for your budget. Instead of eating out twice a day, eat some tasty panini for lunch. They are delicious and also healthy for your budget.


Couchsurfing is not a new word for Italians in the bigger cities. You can stay at local people’s place for a very low fee and sometimes even for free. Another advantage: you will find new friends and if you are lucky, your hosts will also show you the best places in town and give you great insider tips.

Mind the high season

Of course prices  are higher during the high season. Mind the periods and travel during the low season.

To do list for Italy

Visit Rome

The capital is of course on the top of your to do list. The eternal city at the Tiber river is like a huge museum and full of treasures. Rome is fascinating and surprises me whenever I visit. Don’t miss the Vatican city and of course the museums. You will find everything, that makes Italy a lovely place to visit. Don’t forget to visit the neighbourhood of trastevere, where you will find lively bars and restaurants full of students. The prices are much lower than in the rest of the city.

The Amalfi-coast

Lemons with the size of apple, juicy mountain sides and dramatic cliffs. This is the so called costa amalfitana. Here you will find beautiful villages located on hills, wonderful beaches and azure coasts.

Cinque Terre

The five lands is a 12km coast strip on the northern westcoast. In this magical place you will find infinite vineyards, great landscapes and wonderful beaches. Hike the national park of Cinque terre, where you can find great paths for all levels. All of the five villages at Cinque terre are worth to see and offer great local cuisine.

The wild south

What comes first to your mind when you think about Italy’s south? The Mafia, of course. But the wild south has much more to offer. Great mountain villages, vineyards, wonderful cuisine and of course mediterranean flair are around every corner. Visit also Corleone, the mystical village from the famous movie “The godfather”.

Last but not least you shouldn’t miss the beaches where you can relax and spend some great time.


Despite the bad reputation you shouldn’t miss to visit Naples. Here you will find Italy as you imagine it in your dreams: little lively alleys where people drive with their motocycles, grandmothers making hand made pasta and of course the great art of relaxing.

Just a few kilometers from Naples you will see the Vesuv, and active volcano which erupts from time to time and throws ash clouds in the air.


In 79 after Christ the Vesuv erupted and buried the city of Pompei under a 6m layer of ashes. It was one of the greatest disasters in history that extinguished the entire city. Today you can visit the historical center of Pompei, where you will find original fresco and other archeological excavations.

Milan for fashion victims

Milan is one of the most important cities for fashion in the world. The lively center, the cathedral, the fancy Via Montenapoleone and of course the Scala are the most famous places to visit.

Relax at the lakes

There are many lakes in Italy where you can relax and enjoy the view. The most popular lakes are the lago Maggiore, the Como lake and the Garda lake. Around the lakes you can find wonderful villages where you can taste delicious food and local wine.

Visit the Alps

Italy is a very versatile country, where you can find everything you can imagine. Not only the mediterranean South is worth to travel, but also the alpine north in the region of South Tyrol. Here you can see the dramatic mountain peaks of the Dolomites and taste some the most delicious wines in the world.


A visit in Venice is of course a must when you’re in Italy. The city at the Canale Grande is fascinating and enchants with great architecture, history and of course the colourful Carneval with it masks. The Carneval is a tradition from the middle ages and is worth to see. When you are in Venice, you shouldn’t miss to visit Murano, the famous city where glass is produced.

Visit the beautiful Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions for the production of wine in Italy. Who loves wine will love this region. Cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena are fascinating cities with breathtaking history. Especially Siena is one of the best preserved middle age cities. Discover the home of the Medicis, one of the most influential families in history.

Italian islands

If you want to spend your next holiday in Italy you will have to take difficult decisions about your destination. With its beautiful Islands it’s hard to decide where to go. Sardinia, Capri, Elba and Giglio are little paradises where you can enjoy your life and the beauty of the nature. The crystal clear water is the best place for several activities and the long beaches are the perfect place to relax.