Sinces I’ve started traveling, people keep saying that I have changed a lot. I was thinking about it and wondering whether it means something positive or negative. Fact is, I have changed of course, because people change during the years. Traveling has also changed me in a very positive way. Since I’ve decided dedicate my life to traveling, I became much more relaxed, open-minded and maybe also a better person.

I think that the person coming back from a travel is always a little bit better than the person before the travel. I don’t want to sound arrogant, I want to go give you some of my motivation and help you to start changing your life for the positive. Traveling makes you the person you want to hang out with, you want to be surrounded by. How does that happen? There are many reasons why and here are some of them.

Traveling makes you self confident

You have traveled many places in this world and you have seen many things, most of them were pretty cool. So, why shouldn’t your experience make you confident? After all this trips, where you have been challenged many times, you will feel more confident in your actions. After some time you will realise, that you can achieve whatever you want in your life, if you really want it.

Traveling makes you social

When traveling on your own you have two options: either you go out and meet new people, or you hide your pillow and start crying because of loneliness and homesickness.I have chosen the first option and believe me, it wasn’t everything else than easy for me. I am a shy person and I  found it hart to approach new people. It has always been a huge challenge for me, but years of traveling and experience helped me to face this challenge in my life. Now I can approach people easily and I talk to them, as if I would know them for many years.

I’m not only better at meeting new people, I’m also better at leading conversations. Leading the same conversations, asking the same questions and answering the same things is already boring for me. I think, that this answers don’t say a lot about people. I have may way of leading a conversation now and I find it much more interesting. So, traveling changes your way to communicate and teaches you to ask questions, which is much more interesting and bring your closer to your communicational partner.

Traveling makes you more flexible

Many things can happen to you when you travel: delayed flights, missed connections, bad food or hotels and much more. The first time you react with stress as a normal reaction, but from time to time you learn how to get along with it and that it doesn’t make sense to be worried or angry about it. You just focus on your destination and keep going. Maybe you know this sayying: When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt. Traveling is the same and gives you challenges, that you have to master.

Traveling makes you adventurous

With your increasing self confidence you will also feel more adventurous. And if you have the feeling, that you can achieve whatever you want, you should go and do it. I have faced many fears during my trips and I feel much better now that I have faced them after many years of fears. Every single trip will get you a little bit more out of your comfort zone. Only out of that zone you learn to grow a little bit more and to get better than before.

Traveling makes you smart

Every travel will teach you something about the people, the world, the history and much more. You will start to understand things better, you will improve your knowledge of human nature and you will learn things that not even books can teach you. The experiences you made yourself is something precious, that nobody will be able to take away from you and nothing can replace that.

Travling makes you happy

When traveling you will learn how to be happy again. You start relaxing, you become more confident and you will start seeing the world with eyes of a child. Everything connected with traveling will make you unbelievably happy.

Think about a successful person. What is special about this person? Maybe he or she is very open minded, self confident and social. You got it? Yes, all this things you can get from travling and one day you can apply this things to your life. Maybe it will help you become a better and successful person. You learn to see the things differently. So, if this is not a good reason to start traveling…

Traveling makes you relaxed

With relaxed I mean easy. Here is why: you have seen and experienced a lot during your trips. A lot of things happened and you have done many mistaked. But nevertheless, there is nothing that will make you feel nervous. Why? Because every single mistake helped you and tought you something you. You learned, that nothing is really bad and tha there is no reason to be worried.

Traevling makes you humble

When travling, you learn to live with little things that you only need at that moment. You learnd, that all the things you think to need at home are useless for you and your happiness. When coming back home, you will be also happy with little things.