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Greece is also called the cradle of the european culture and democracy. Most of the concepts that we take for granted nowadays derive from the ancient culture of the Greeks.
If you visit Greece once, you will do it again, because it’s such a beautiful country full of history. The landscape is beautiful and the country is surrounded by around 3.000 islands. I love Greece with all its facets: the food which is rich of fresh ingredients and herbs, the sun hours, the architecture, the history and of course the beaches. As a holiday destination, Greece offers you the perfect package for your holidays.



Depending on the location you will also find different prices in Greece. For a hostel you will spend between 10 and 30 EUR, if you want a single or double bed room you will pay between 50 and 60 EUR. The prices also change according to the season, you will pay less in the low season (around 30 EUR) and maybe double price during the peak season between July and August. It’s surprising that Athens can be cheaper than other places in Greece, as for example the big Islands like Crete or Mykonos.


I love the Greek cuisine and I’m sure you will love it as well. Fresh fish, seasfood, cheese, vegetables, everything is delicious. If you decide to eat in a typical restaurant or tavern, you will pay between 20 and 30 EUR, drinks included.
Streetfood is also very popular in Greece and you can grab a tasty Gyros for already 3 EUR.
If you buy food at the supermarket you will pay around 40 EUR per person and week.


Within the country you can travel by bus or train. A single ride by bus will cost you around 1,20 EUR within the cities. To get to the Island you have to take the ferryboat, which is a very popular way to travel. Prices could vary between 15 and 100 EUR, depending on the distance and the model of your car. If you take the overnight ferry you will pay much less.

If you want to save money


Streetfood is available everywhere in Greece and you can get a tasty Gyros, Sandwiches and Pizza for 3 EUR.

Mind the peak season

Visit Greece out of the peak season, to avoid high prices, which means the period between July and August. Greece is also great in May and in the southern areas you can go to the beach until October.


Avoid high prices and take the overnight ferry or book them weeks ahead. You will pay up to 25% less.

Travel outside the tourist spots

If you visit places and restaurant away from the crowd, you will find better prices.

Avoid Mykonos

It’s one of the most famous islands in Greece and also one of the most expensive. Eating out will start from 40 EUR and drinks in clubs and bars are impossible to find under 10 EUR.

“To do List” for Greece

Discover the beaches

There are so many beaches in Greece, that an entire life is not enough to discover all of them. You will find all kind of beaches you can imagine. The water is crystal clear and azure, the area around the cliffs is just perfect for scuba diving. You find the best beaches in Kefalonia, Sakynthos, Korfu, Lefkada and Crete.

Visit the Akropolis

Learn more about the history of Greece and visit the Akropolis and the Parthenon. You will also have an amazing view over the city.


Walk through one of Athen’s oldest neighbourhoods, discover and marvel at the great greek architecture.

Visit the temple of Zeus

The ancient temple has been built in the 6th century BC. The Corinthian columns are impressive and worth to see.

Visit the Dionysos theater

The Dionysos theater (named by the god of wine) is located at the southern part of the Akropolis. In ancient Greece it used to be the most important theater and people say, that it is the birthplace of the theater and drama. Once a year you can visit the theater during the summer, where several events are held.


Discover the ruins of the ancient place, where the first Olympic games ever have been held. You can also see the old temple of the Greek god Zeus.

Historical places

History is not only in Athens. Out of the capital you will find historical sites such as Delphi, Meteora, Epidaurus and Sparta, which are among the most popular.


Marvelous and romantic views, white houses with blue roofs, that’s the first thing that comes in my mind when I think about Santorini. During the year the little Island turned into a magnet for tourists from all around the world and especially from Asia. Visit the island out of the high season and enjoy the fantastic wine. Santorini is also a great place for scuba diving.

Climb the Olymp

This is the home of the ancient gods. Climb the mountains and find yourself in the ancient world of the greek legends.


The small island is one of the most beautiful in Greece with wonderful beaches and little taverns. Visit the famous marble basin, the most famous attractions in Greece. Thassos is not very famous yet and therefore it offers great a wonderful holiday with prices.

Insider tip Lefkada

Lefkada is still an insider tip in Greece, as it is not overcrowded yet. You will not find giant hotels and resorts, but small family hotels and apartments. The beaches in Lefkada are breathatking and the temperatures are not too high even during the summer. The most beautiful beaches are: Pefkoulia, Mikros, Gialos, Milos and Egremni.

Archeological museum

In Heraklion (Crete) you will find a fascinating archeological museum. Discover the history of Greece and learn more about the history of the island.


Located on amazing rocks you can see meteora with its famous monasteries. From the 20 built monasteries there are six left. The area is breathtaking and the monasteries are amazing.


The ancient Oracle was right in this place and ancient history says that it was the holy place of Apollo. Delphi used to be the center of the world at that time.

Cultural events

There are several cultural events Greece, especially during the summer. Visit the numerous concerts and the famous greek tragedy.