Easy money saving tips for your next travel

You would like to travel but you don’t have enough money. With your monthly expenses you’re not able to put money aside to finance your next vacation.
I’ll give you some easy money saving tips, which will help you to optimize your expenses and to save a big amount of money withing a short time. The best thing about it is, that the money saving methods won’t hurt you and you will barely feel it.

Thie tips are not only useful to save money for your next travel. No matter what you are planning to do in the near future, with this tips you will handle financial situations without effort.

1. Get rid of old stuff and sell it online

During the years you acumulate a lot of things at home: mobile phones, computers, dvd’s, clothes. What to do with all the things that you don’t use for a long time and probably won’t use again? Sell them online! Many platforms like  Ebay are the perfect place to sell your old products. Even if you don’t get a fortune out of it, you will see how many things sold for a little can become a nice amount of money.

2. Minimize your mobile expenses

Have you checked your mobile contract recently? Do you need your contract with all the products and extras or can you live with a ittle bit less? Compare the different operators and proucts and figure out, if there is a cheaper option than the one you have.

3. Eat at home

Home delivery food, dinner at the restaurants with colleagues and eating out with friends during the weekend are expenses that could cost you a lot of money during the year. When shopping at the supermarket, you can find a lot of nice money saving offers and you can prepare a nice menu for less money. If you don’t want to miss your dinner with friends, you can cook all together. This is fun and you can devide your expenses. You will see that you will pay much less than eating out in the restaurant.

4. Movie nights at home

How much money do you spend on movies at the cinema? You pay for your ticket, popocorn, drinks, 3D glasses and sometimes parking expenses. You can save all this money if you watch movies at home. Streaming programs like Netflix offer a great choice of movies, even if it’s not the latest blockbuster.

5. Cigarettes

Do you smoke? Here is a good reason to quit. How much money do you spend a year on cigarettes? Calculate the price per package you spend every week by the weeks for a year and you will see you much money you spend the whole year. You won’t Believe how much money you actually just burn. Quit smoking, it’s good for your health and for your piggy bank.

6. Coffee to go

The coffee to go is more than normal for our daily life. But is it really necessary to spend every day money on coffees from Starbucks? How much money do you spend every day on that? To save money, take your coffee from home. It’s not that fancy, but you will save money and do something good for the environment by evoiding pasteboard cups and therefore a lot of waste. Moreover, shakes and coffees from Starbucks have lots of calories, by avoiding them you will take care of your shape.

7. Saving plans

There are many ways to start savig plans. Depending on the plan you can transfer money on this account the day you get your paycheck. Great thing is that, after transfering the money it’s already gone and you can’t spend this money on other things.

8. Coins in your piggybank

Get new habits! Every day when I get home I empty my pockets. Alle the coins that are in my clothes or in my wallet go immediately to my piggybank. It might be only a few cents at a time, but at the end of the year this could become a great amount. My record was over $600.

9. Payday

When you get your paycheck, pay yourself first. That means, you take a part of your salary and put it in a safe place. That could be $20 but it also could be 5-10% of your paycheck. The money goes to a saving plan or a hidden place where you forget that you have money at all.

10. The $0 day

Chose a day where you don’t spend anything at all. That works the best during weekends when you stay at home and don’t go out at all. If it’s not possible, then try at least to reduce the money to a minimum.

11. Take food from home

When you are out all day long, I recommend you to take food from home. You will save money that you would spend on restaurants or fast food. The advantages are that you know what you eat, you can prepare healthy meals and you save money.

12. Book of houselhold accounts

It seems annoying, but try to write down your daily expenses. You keep an overview about your daily expenses and know where you spend the most. Many applications keep a good track of it and you can see how much money you spend during the month.

13. Car

Do you have a car? If yes, which one? Is it necessary to dry a BMW or other status symbols or can you live with a smaller car? How much is the insurance, how much do you spend on gasoline? Maybe it’s cheaper to use the public transport? If you need your car, try carsharing to reduce your expenses.

14. Subscriptions

Are you using subscriptions? How many of them do you use? Is it necessary to pay monthly fees for the fancy gym if you workout only once or twice a month?Can you move your workout to a smaller gym where you pay less? The best way is to workout outside, you pay nothing and you can get some fresh air. I don’t spend any money at the gym because I like to workout at home or outside.

15. Living

So your flat is 70 square meters big and you live alone. Dou you need all that space? Maybe you can take a smaller flat and reduce expenses for rent, electricity and other. If you don’t want to move out, get some flatmates to reduce the rent. You can save a lot of money with that.

16. Additional costs

Check your contracts for all your additional costs. Can you save something? You can already save some money on your own byusing electricity only when really needed. Don’t waste too much time under the shower, lower the temperature when heating. Check your contracts and compare the prices of the other providers. You will see how much money you can save on that.

17. TV – and internet

Do you use cable tv? If so, how many times do you watch the channels per week? Maybe only Saturdays and Sundays? If you watch cable tv only for a few hours it doesn’t make sense to pay for that. Paying for pay-tv and streaming service at once don’t make sense at all. Moreover it’s a pssive waste of time that you could replace with reading or doing sport.

18. Think before you buy

Don’t buy because of emotional reasons, think about what you really want to buy and why. When you see something, ask yourself if you really need it. Sleep over it and try to find the same product online for less money, even if it’s second hand.

19. E-Books

E-Books are less expensive than regular books and don’t take a lot of space. When you buy an E-Book you can put hundreds of books on it.

20. Check your insurances

Often we are more than save with our insurances because we pay two or more of the same. Check your insurances and think which one you really need. Reduce expenses on that to save money, but only if you really pay too much.


There are many ways to save money. Some of them are a little bit complex but most of them are only a matter of habit. With only a few easy steps you can save a lot of money in one year. Even if some of the tips seem silly at the beginning, try to combine a few of them and you we see how easily you can afford your next travel or the vacation of your dreams.